Game Rules And System

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    Game Rules And System

    Post by Warchief Grimm on Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:50 pm

    Hey Gang,

    So this forum will be used for the narrative RP for our characters as they continue adventures until the continuation of the next campaign. The rules for combat keep things light are are narrative based only so our table top stats don't quite come into play. I've put in a few guidelines to help us get started. Since everyone has a character Article II is kind of a glance over.

    Article I. Personal conduct

       i.   RATING: This site maintains an R rating. Mature content (sex, drugs, rock 'n roll violence, etc.) is permitted.
       ii.   Members are expected to remain civil while in public. This means no fighting on threads or in the CBox. If you have an issue with another member, send them a private message rather than confront them in public.

    Article II. Character Creation

       i.     SUBMITTING A CHARACTER: New characters must be submitted by creating a new thread in the Character Creation forum. All characters must be accepted by a staff member before they may be used.
       ii.    APPLICATIONS: Characters must adhere to the length requirement: two paragraphs are expected for appearance, two for personality, and three for history.
       iii.   Do not argue with the admi who is reviewing your bio. Being courteous and making the changes they ask is the quickest way to get your new character accepted.
       iv.   There is no limit to the number of characters owned by one person; however, try to maintain a reasonable activity level for each of them.
                     -----Note: You may post all characters from one account, or register a separate account for each character; either is fine.

    Article III. Roleplaying

       i.    WORD COUNT: A minimum of one paragraph (that's 4-6 sentences) is expected for each response. Chatspeak is prohibited in-character.
       ii.   GODMODING: Controlling someone else's character (powerplaying) is forbidden. Godmoding is likewise prohibited. Your character is not invincible.
       iii.   It is permissible for characters to be in as many threads as they would like.
       iv.   Thread-jumping (posting on someone else's thread) is prohibited. Please be sure to ask permission before entering anyone else's thread.

    Article IV. Plots

       i.    Random events may affect individual locations, regions, or the entire forum, and may involve anything that the staff has come up with.
       ii.  Members are encouraged to participate in these random events as they may occur. Members are also encouraged to offer their suggestions for site-wide plots.

    In other words... be excellent to each other.

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